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Deonna and Sayed said...

Dear Oren and Lisa,

It is with great sadness to hear the news about the loss in your Family. I met Peter in several times and was honored to be his guest in Geneva. He truly was an inspiration for me professionally and an icon of family man. Interaction with your family and Peter particularly proves that how much we have in common and how it contributes to understanding. Families like yours and personalities like Peter are assets to the human kind in this time of misconception and misunderstanding that takes a way so mane lives and peace away from us.

His contribution to science, music and family life keep alive a strong hope for a better future in us.

May his soul rest in peace and may you be rewarded with patience and happiness in your lives!

Deonna and Sayed Aqa

Anonymous said...

I met Pro.Schlein when we lived in the guest hotel of Uppsala University. At that time I was having a course on human evolution with my class mates from Groningen University. He showed great interest to our study and asked for the presentations I was preparing.He also intruduced his father's work to us. Even though we are forty years apart, we were talking just like friends. That evening in Uppsala left very nice memory to me and Fons. I never expected that this can be the first and the last meet between Mr.Schlein and me. However I will always remember this old gentleman,who is a great friend to both old and young people.

Martin Hart-Hansen said...

Dear Oren and family,
Karma & I are very sorry for your loss and we will pray for your father's succesful journey on the other side.
Take care and give our love to all.

Karma Tshomo & Martin Hart-Hansen

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa, Oren and Ilana,

I am so very sorry to hear of Peter's recent passing and to know what a great loss this is to your family. I am praying for God's strength and comfort to uphold you in the coming days.

Much love,
Dale Gavlak

Anonymous said...

I know Piter and his father's music since 2001.
I would like to be such son as Peter.


Denis Kavemeier said...

I worked closely with Peter to help publish the music book SLAVE SONGS OF THE UNITED STATES in 2007. Peter was always very enthusiastic and gracious. I could tell it was a great labor of love and tribute to his late father Irving. Both men have left lasting legacies and will be missed.
Denis Kavemeier
Production editor
Hal Leonard Corp.

CERN press office said...

Dear Lisa and family,

We were all very saddened to hear of Peter's passing, and offer you our condolences at this time of loss. We have passed on the news to some of those who would have known Peter at CERN.

With deepest sympathy from all at the CERN press office.

Giorgio said...

I honor his intelligence and enthusiasm for physics. I am humbly grateful to him for sharing recently with me some of his deep human feelings.
Giorgio Bellettini

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and deeply saddened at Peter's sudden passing, and I send you all my heartfelt sympathy. I don't know if you remember me, Lisa, but I met you and Peter years ago when I came to Geneva with my husband, Tom Ypsilantis. Peter and I had been in touch via email and phone last year, and some last minute impediment prevented us from having a little reunion in New York. I regret that I didn't get to see him again. I will always remember him as brilliant, deep, inspiring, very human, a great son, and a most empathic person.

With all my sympathy,

Beverly Allen

Anonymous said...

Dear Schlein Family:
Although Matt and I only met Oren's father once, it was quite memorable! He joined us at one of our picnics overlooking the Hudson River at the Garrison Landing last summer. As the children all played along the river and as the adults sipped wine and watched the sun set, we were able to immediately connect with Peter. What a truly interesting man who was also genuinely interested in our lives! We had every intention of contacting him on our next trip to Geneva. It once again proves that life is precious and short and that we must grasp on to the moment at hand. I will not forget meeting Peter at the Landing and again express our sympathy to the Schlein family,
Lydia, Matt & Conor McMahon
Garrison, NY

Anonymous said...

Dear Schlein family,

we want to express our deepest sadness about Peter's passing. We both loved him for his wonderful spirit, enthusiasm, and great kindness.
We share your dolor.

Anna & Tasso

Diane Lassonde said...

Dear Lisa and Family,

I met M. Schlein on the train between Lyon and Geneva couple months ago- two strangers talking to each other: his sense of humour, his passion for the laws of nature, music and life made this trip a profond dialogue on" what make sense in life". I had the chance to listen to excerpts of his father's music on his computer: a discovery ! Life and Death stem from the same origin and Peter' presence on our side - close relatives or ad hoc companions- will have no end.

warm regards
Diane Lassonde

Alexander Firestone said...

Dear Lisa and family,

So sorry to hear of Peter's untimely passing.

I have known Peter since the mid-1960's when I was a post-doc at Berkeley, and Peter invented a World Wide Kaon collaboration for physicists working on bubble chamber experiments using kaon beams. We published some highly original work.

Since then we have collaborated on many varied projects, although we never worked on the same experiment at the same time. Peter was an extraordinarily creative physicist who continually came up with original and unique ideas, far outside the box where the rest of us usually toiled.

We shall all miss him.

Alexander Firestone
Professor Emeritus of Physics, Iowa State University, and Expert, National Science Foundation.

Anonymous said...

I just met Peter once. It was when he visited his colleague Gunnar Ingelman at the Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics of Uppsala University in Sweden, just before Christmas last year.

He was having coffee in our coffee room and he asked me to join him. We had a very nice conversation about music, about the
Christmas Colloquium he was going to give later that afternoon and also about his family and about my daughters.

He was a very pleasant, gentle person and I am very glad I got the opportunity to meet him.

I am very sorry for your loss.

With my warmest regards,
Inger Ericson

Michael Camerini & Shari Robertson said...

Dear Lisa and family,

We are out of town, and so sorry that cannot be with you today. All this week we have been thinking about Peter, and his wonderful life force, and the music he was bringing to the world. Our hearts are with you. Peter's energy, his wonderful enthusiasm for his new life-mission, his appetite for life makes losing him a great shock to us all.

With great affection,

Michael & Shari

IraSeigal said...

Dear Lisa and Schlein family:

Believe it or not I am Peter's cousin Ira Seigal. I had no idea that Peter had passed away. I am deeply, deeply saddenned to hear it.

I have always had the deepest repsect for Peter and the entire Schlien family.

I have very fond memories from childhood of good times with all of the Schleins.

I remember being at your wedding, I think I remember it being at Tavern on the Green.

Lisa, I could be wrong, but I seem to remember you were an actress, and I think once had a bit part in an epsiode of "The Fugitive" many years ago. I remember that Larry Berkowitz and his wife Barbara were at my house watching it with us. If it was you (I am sorry if it wasn't, but it was one of the Schleins)you were playing the part of a nurse.

Peter used to sleep over at my mom and dad's house in Amsterdam, New York from time to time when he was very young probably about 12.

Regardless of all that, I want to extend my deepest sympathies to all of you, and regrets that we weren't all more a part off each others lives.

Cousin Ira

Marco said...

Dear Lisa,
Peter is a truly special personality.
I appreciate him a lot from the
physics and human point of view.
In few words: I miss him!

Jeanette Bakker. said...

I happen to be the former technical editor whom I helped publishing his first five or so Beauty proceedings in Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, the first one being Beauty 1993. I am rather numerical and, on the spectrum, more "autistic" than "social", so I dreamt about Paris this morning, and about Peter Schlein. I only realized this afternoon why I dreamed that. 10 years gone by. I assume you miss him daily (as a vivid dreamer, I now and then dream about former customers; now I dreamed about Peter). Peter was a great joy to work with.